Sunday, July 30, 2017

2017-07-22 thru 30 Airstream Factory & KOA Dayton

We took the Silver Lining up to the factory on Friday, July 21st to drop it off for the week to have some warranty items addressed. We spent the weekend in the Airstream "terraport" which is the factory's onsite campground of 25 or so full hook up sites. Anyone can stay there for $10 dollars per night and if you're having work done on your Airstream there is no charge to stay there. We picked up our Airstream this past Friday, July 28th and stopped (on the way home) for the weekend at the Dayton KOA. Real nice campground and near all the Dayton attractions like the Air Force Museum and downtown, etc. We took a road trip to Columbus with friend Pat to check out the new Max RV by Liberty Outdoors, formerly Little Guy Worldwide.

Our campsite at the Airstream factory's terraport campground. The Terraport consists of 3 loops of 8 or 9 sites each.

In on of the other sites across the way there was a limited edition Victoronix (far left). Not sure what the edition commemorates, though...

Some privately owned Airstreams awaiting repairs

A couple of Bambi's awaiting delivery
Airstream's Bowlus Road Chief, the predecessor to the Airstream:
Wally & Stella Byam's personal gold Airstream:

A sneak peak at the new Airstream Nest fiberglass "egg camper"! This was sitting outside the factory behind the barbed wire fence but it couldn't escape my zooming lens.   ;-)

Airstream Interstate class B's and trailers awaiting delivery
The factory
Carie waiting for lunch at one of the few restaurants in Jackson Center. Great pizza at Haas Brothers!

 The return trip home and a weekend at KOA Dayton -
Our campsite


 Us inside the Silver Lining...

Some posing shots of us.  :-O 

 Random shot around the campground -

A tiny home in one of the sites!

A blast from the past! A T@B!

We did a day trip to Haydocy Airstream & RV in Columbus, OH with friend Pat who runs the popular RVing blog The Small Trailer Enthusiast
Haydocy was debuting the new Max by the new "Little Guy" who now calls themselves Liberty Outdoors. This is Liberty's version of the T@B 400. This was being debuted by one of the executives of Liberty Outdoors, Chris Baum -

Chris & Pat -


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