Saturday, July 15, 2017

2017-07-08 Winton Woods

Took some extended time camping at Winton Woods and caught up with T@B friends Dan & Mary from Chicago who came down to join us for part of the time through the long July 4th holiday. Also neighbors Greg & Sherry stopped by for a taco dinner that Carie prepared and margarita's that I prepared.

 There I am...lounging...
Our camping setup at campsite #R3 at Winton Woods county campground in Forest Park, OH.

Me, Dan & Carie...
Me selfying with Carie, Dan & Mary in the background under their T@B awning -
We all took a little road trip over to our favorite campground, Morgan's Canoe just to show it off to our guests, who may join us there later in August. Here is Mary & Dan sitting in a bench directly overlooking the Little Miami River and having a romantic moment that I interrupted to snap this picture!
We bought a new grill! A Weber Q1200 in black. Photo at the store...
Photo at our campsite!  :-)  It does have the two side trays but they're flipped inside in this photo.

Lots of storms while we were there especially the last couple of days. Ominous clouds forming! 
There was a free  live concert playing in the Winton Woods park on Saturday evening! We had seen this band several years ago at the same location! They are really good and call themselves The Mistics. They 've been around for over 30 years!

Carie enjoying the Mistics!

Selfie!  :-|

 Carie and friends & neighbors Greg (and Sherry)
Alan & Sherry
Greg & Sherry cute new(ish) puppy "Sassy" enjoying doggie treats on our Airstream floor.  :-)
Another shot of me lounging. This time inside the Airstream -
A sidebar story, laughed my buns off at this guy in the motorhome when he was hooking up and apparently emptying tanks from his last trip out, because he had just arrived, when he shot gray water all over himself! HA! Kind of reminded me of Robin Williams in the movie RV. You can see him with his shirt off and all wet towards the rear of his motorhome in this photo.
Our Airstream in our front street at home. Not my home in the background. The picture is taken from my driveway.
A Pileated Woodpecker! (Google it.  ;-)  )  They are a crow sized woodpecker and there were two of them together on this tree but one popped behind the tree just as I snapped this shot. You can see him to the lower right of the tree on the left. This was right near Dan & Mary's campsite, which was across the campground from us.
Tom..."ICE CREAM!!!"...just sayin'...

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