Monday, July 9, 2018

2018-07-04 The Bangin' 4th Rally

This rally was a blast! Literally...I hosted a shooting rally for the 4th of July at the Cardinal Center range and campground:

We did pistols, shotguns and archery. The archery was compliments of Airstreamers Karen & Dorrie who teach it. Everyone had a great time! The schedule was loose but we basically did a group breakfast every day at 8 - 10 with camp chefs John & Tom doing most of the cooking. Breakfast was generally followed by handgun shooting from 10 am - 12 noon followed by lunch and then either archery or shotguns/trap. It was an action packed rally and evening down time around the campfire was welcomed by all at the end of each day. I will be updating this with more phots soon.
We'll start off the pictures with John cooking breakfast for everyone!

Now let's go to the pistol range...
Tom & Ella reveiving some instruction from one of our three range officers

 Ella shooting a .22 pistol
 Tom with my .357 magnum loaded with .38 specials -
 Rick with his .38
 John with a table full of guns!  :-)
 Mike shooting his .45/.410 shotgun Taurus "Judge"! The perfect RV defense weapon!
Alan shooting his own small frame .357 magnum loaded w/.38's...
 Alan with Mike's "Judge"!
 Suzie giving my "Lady Smith" 9mm a try -
Rick & Ella on the firing line

 One of our awesome range officers!
 Tom shooting one of Larry's .22's...
 John shooting my compact .357 magnum again with .38's loaded (Magum loads weren't allowed on this range).
 Caleb with my large .357. He LOVED this gun and he did great!  :-)   Actually he did great with all the shooting!
 Karen shooting John's 9mm...
 ...Notice the ejecting shell?
At the firing line...

Retrieving arrows...

Ella on the firing line!

 After shooting conversation, dinner and cocktails...
Halie & Caleb -

 Rick, Georgia, Mike & Larry and dogs Charlie Button & Vega -
 Chris, Randy, Dan Larry, Lou & Halie:
 The margarita bar for taco night!

 Camp chefs Tom & John taking Ricks order

 Stuffing the gift baskets!
 The actual baskets and name tags were all hand made by Ella!
A few of the gift basket items - Bullet keychains & necklaces among a bundle of other goodies like gift cards, squirt guns, etc...

Some of the Airstream.
 Rick & Georgia's Classic way down yonder...
 Larry & Lou's '84 Excella -
 Mike & Loren's Argosy:

 Dan & Dawn's...
Another awesome breakfast!!!

Trap shooting!
 Carie's turn...
 Karen shotgunnin'...
 Caleb, Tom, Halie, Carie, Alan
 Halie on the firing line
 Terry...who stopped by with his wife Sue for a day trip!