Sunday, October 15, 2017

2017-10-14 Morgan's Canoe Campground

Okay, so the Hawaii trip is ove, now back to camping! Tom had the great idea to get together for a campout at Morgan's this weekend and there was 3 Airstreams and a tent. What? A tent!?!? Yeah, fellow Airstreamer John (and Suzie) didn't have a tow vehicle this weekend so he came alone in a tent! Present were friends Tom & Ella, Rick & Georgia and John in addition to us, Alan & Carie. We did a kayak trip down the river, well, they did, Ella and I sat back at camp enjoying camping while they all enjoyed kayaking. On Friday morning Tom & I ran out to a local street side produce and bought each camper a pumpkin to carve and on Saturday afternoon we all went to work carving Jack-O-Lanterns! Also check out the new tow vehicle at the bottom of the blog photos!
Morgan's Canoe Campground!

Rick, Ella, Tom & Georgia
Our Airstream
Our Airstream next to Rick & Georgia's
 Pumpkin staging area -
Random picture...   :-| 
Hangin' out fireside chat...

 John and his tent!
Nice tent, though. Easy to set up and break down. It's a Cabela's tent.
Carie in her river gear

Rick, Carie, John, Tom & Georgia in the canoe staging area waiting for the shuttle up river -
Carie coming down river!
Tom, Carie, John

The flowers at the campground were beautiful!


Rick and pups Sam & Suzie hanging out by the river...
OH! And here's the new town vehicle! A 2017 Ford F250 gasser. Our previous truck, the F150 really wasn't enough truck to handle the 27' Airstream.

 This weekend to Morgan's was the first time towing with the new truck.