Sunday, August 27, 2017

2017-08-26 Morgan's Canoe

I pulled together a rally at Morgan's Outdoor Adventures again, our favorite campground. The weather was great, the friends were great and the whole time was just really nice. In attendance were me & Carie, Tom & Ella, Rick & Georgia, Steve & Cindy and John & Suzie. What a blast and what a fun group! Enjoy the pictures and captions...

Alan & Carie's 26U
John & Suzie's 27FB

Tom & Rick (and Suzie (the dog, not the person))
Georgia, Ella, Tom, Rick, Suzie & John

Suzie dog snoozing and Sam peeking at me...
Sam -
Ella, Tom, Rick
Cahrlie Button (How cute)!

TJ (Another cutie!)
Peach Margarita's!

The men cooking:
Rick reading and Suzie & Sam watching me closely,,,
 Friday evening dinner:
Suzie TJ and John in their posed shot:

Ella & Georgia "flipping me the bird"!
Carie, Ell and Sam

 Tom & Ella on the river!!!

John lounging down the river...
Rick riding the rapids

Carie on the river patiently waiting for me to take the picture.  :-|
Tom & Ella disembarking at the beach

Rick pulling in to the beach area

Carkie Button & Tom relaxing
Alan's selfie with John in the background perfecting his awesome Tilly brand hat...

John & Carie crossing paddles
Steve enjoying the day away -

Tom and Micah. Micah is Tom & Ella's son who stopped by for a few hours for dinner on Saturday evening.
Ella, Cindy, Carie, Georgia
Dinner Saturday evening!