Saturday, April 29, 2017

2017-04-22 Little Farm on the River

Little Farm on the River is a great campground if you can get one of the many riverfront sites. It's located in Rising Sun, Indiana on the Ohio River. The campground has an upper and a lower section and the two are probably a mile apart. The upper section is near the office, store, pool and other activities and the sites are closer together. The lower, riverfront area is a little more secluded and relaxed and about half the sites are on the river which is great for watching the barges and other river activity. Also the lower river area is a great bird watching campground. We came here this time with several friends. The pictures start out below with a few of our Airstream followed by the people shots...

Steve, Tom, Ella -

Cindy & Steve...

Larry, Lou, Ella & Suzie at the group pitch-in breakfast on Saturday morning

TJ (the dog) and Suzie...

A barge hauling coal -

Charlie Button

Ella and Charlie Button

Suzie with mine and Carie's Airstream 26U in the background...

Steve, Suzie, Carie, Cindy, Larry, Lou, Ella & Tom. The only one missing from the picture is John, Suzie's husband. All enjoying the warmth of a morning campfire. It was a fairly cold weekend. With some brutal thunderstorms on Friday evening!

Larry, Lou and Ella & Tom. 

Suzie, Carie & Cindy having some girl talk by the fire. Tom & Ella's Airstream 23FB in the background...

Steve, Suzie, Carie & Cindy with mine & Carie's Airstream 26U in the background -

Finding "hand dipped" ice cream is usually on the least for me & Tom, but the other's are never disappointed by that, either.  :-)

Larry & Lou...

Carie & Tom...

Steak dinner!

Nice outfit, Charlie Button...poor Charlie.  :-|   LOL!

A couple of sun rise pictures!

More barges

Tom, Larry, Steve & Lou enjoying the river side campfire

The LIVE ENTERTAINMENT at the site next to us! That group of campers actually hired a musician to come play guitar!!! He was quite good but that aside, this was not the place for it with his speakers and amps, etc.!

Her and her Airstream - Proud Carie...keeps on rollin'.  :-|

John & Suzie chowing down 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

2017-04-15 Morgan's Canoe

We had a little rally at Morgan's this weekend from Thursday through Sunday and it was a blast! A lot of laughs. Great group! It was friends Rick & Georgia, Tom & Ella, John & Suzie, me and then Carie was only able to show up Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning. Also Tom & Ella's son, Micah, showed up for dinner on Saturday afternoon and had a nice visit. For the most part we hung around the campground, We did a little running around for ice cream, a lunch and such. Rick & Georgia have a new inflatable kayak they brought and used it on the river (Little Miami). Our sites were all riverfront sites and being this early in the season we pretty much had the campground to our selves.
Rick, Ella, Tom and my finger in the picture! I hate this iPhone!!!
 Carie & Alan's Airstream 26U Flying Cloud -
Ella, Tom & Rick riverside...

John & Suzie's Airstream 25FB Flying Cloud

Tom & Ella's Airstream 23FB Flying Cloud...

Rick & Georgia's Airstream 25 Classic
Morgan's Outdoor Adventures office, store & bath house, sort of open for the season. This was their first weekend open this season and things weren't quite up and running but no problem for us!
Georgia & Rick's Classic with a gorgeous blooming red bud tree in the foreground and all of our Airstreams in the background
Georgia & Rick floating down the lazy river in their inflatable kayak. Actually "lazy" isn't the term as the river was quite high and moving fast from all the Spring rains. Morgan's canoe livery wasn't open yet, not till next weekend so Rick & Georgia were glad they brought their inflatable...

John, Tom, Georgia & Rick...
Alan & Ella -
Suzie, John, Tom & Georgia
John and Ella and Charlie Button fireside and riverside -


Carie & Tom

Tom, Rick and Sam the dog...
Carie enjoying the afternoon sun and a cold beverage...


Charlie Button

Rick, Sam and John -